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                                     Designs By Queen Bee- About Us


A sustainable fashion label with appealing ethnicity was established in 2019 by Sakshi Gupta who has completed her MBA from Bangalore and has worked for Warner Brothers to understand and conceptualize marketing, to lift any brand's value. 


She is quite a capable woman who has achieved much at a young age by emerging her own networking company in the year 2013, with the operations being held in different states of India such as Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, etc. However, her inclination towards the idea of fashion brought her back on the ground to work as a creator of sustainable clothing. 

Designs By Queen Bee- The brand itself is definite in terms of product quality and uniqueness with a label of premium fabrics and elegant trendsetting styles. Our belief is to follow up all the fashion trends and launch the best featured and favorable yet sustainable products. The clothing sense is so versatile in women as they maintain a huge collection of outfits that may adjust to every occasion, whether it be for a special day or daily wear. 


Our main motive is to create sustainable dresses, co-ord sets, Denim pants and jeans, etc. All kinds of clothing products within a good price range and specialized features in each of the pieces. Each design of any particular piece is always a limited edition which increases its value. 

We believe in the deliverance of the best product quality, we utilize premium fabrics for the creation of unique designs inspired by different styles. Which are created by our tailors who we have invested a lot in and are well qualified. The dresses are always breathable, airy and chic. 


Our targeted audience is mainly the younger female population, within the age group of 16-40 year olds and other individuals who wish to buy and dress themselves in our designs. It symbolizes the identity of women and empowers their strength by bringing out such bossy plus stunning lady type outfits with such beautiful and elegant design formation.

We instil in bringing out the best in our product and ensure the quality. Some of our featured categories which are highly demandable and can suit the taste of every woman are such as: 



The set is a formation of crop tops with high waisted pants in different fabrics such as viscose and cotton, structured in different patterns with unique prints over them.



Who doesn't love dresses? Plenty of choices are available when dresses are a priority. We focus on delivering our most thoughtful designs with the most featured and dynamic styles.  


  • DENIM 

We are the creators of the new version of denim blended with the cotton fabric and styling of the pants and tees according to the retro style, which still swipes the fashion industry. 

Our company is building up and has started gaining momentum at a good pace with overall good reviews, while we also keep up with the normal ethics to receive success. Our ethics includes fair wage distribution, no harm or risks caused to workers or any other living being on this Earth, even the environment is cruelty-free with the best positive vibes. We work as a big team of producers and creators, with our efforts indulged in the process towards the achievement of success.


We are here with an extraordinary idea of maintaining sustainability with ethical standards while selling our clothing products. Our choices are exclusively different as we believe that even a single buy can bring sustainability to the environment with the help of our eco-friendly ethics. This system must remain for the long term to occupy a great name and fame in the market while being the prominent choice of the users.  

We are available 24/7 at your service to answer your doubts about our brand or to hear reviews from us. Your love for dresses remains in our hearts and we have explored it to the core, that is now out shown for you to adore it. We have launched many of our products that are significantly elegant and classy which suits every occasion of our lives, we plan to launch more of these products for better discovery of our brand and styling.