Summer Fabrics

Summer Fabrics

With the temperature on the rise, we see that it is necessary to transform your wardrobe to accommodate the climate. 

To let our body breathe we need to wear clothes that allow our body to be free as well as fresh despite the weather. Fabrics we wear in summer need to be light and breezy so as to give the body freedom to breathe and not weigh down the heat onto the skin.

Wearing light fabrics allows your body to stay cool in the harsh temperature and heat. The most important part of these is that there are light colours that reflect most of the sunlight and keep the body cool. 

Some of these fabrics are natural and hence they allow flow through the material,  without creating a barrier between the body and the wind.

Lighter materials are also very efficient in absorbing the sweat of our body during high temperatures.

These fabrics can be fabricated into a variety of clothes for everyone. Hence it is easy to choose from any one of them. Comprehensive detail of each of the summer fabrics has been given below.

  • Cotton
  • Cotton being a summer fabric is a no-brainer. Being natural fabric cotton is very versatile and its function and can effortlessly be worn in all kinds of styles.

    One can never go wrong with cotton styling. The best part about cotton is that it is very breathable, comes with versatile designs and can be worn as comfortably as one wants to.

    Wearing clothing made of cotton seems effortless along with being easy to manage. The material comes in a variety of wheels and is generally very soft when worn; it gives a light feeling and allows the body to effortlessly breathe.

    It can be modified into all kinds of garments for men, women and children and that too in a versatile set of designs. 

  • Linen
  • Linen is another very adaptable, breathable, and natural fabric that can be worn with style in the summer season. The linen fabric is comparatively thinner than cotton and comes in a set of earthy natural colors to suit the fashion.

    The material is adequately breathable, easy to take care of, as well as durable. The aesthetic of the fabric is also very earthy and natural when observed. Over time the fabric visibly becomes softer over the number of washes and can feel incredibly comfortable.

  • Silk
  • Silk is one of the expensive and luxury materials that is very versatile and classy to wear. It is very thin and can be used in a flexible way in forms of all styles. The material is very thin and can be worn comfortably into garments.

    It has an extremely soft texture and can make you feel as if you’re wearing nothing or negligible clothing. That is the kind of comfort level which the silk material provides to the wearer.

  • Chambray
  • Chambray is denim-like fabric which is thin and light but gives the same feel as a denim dressing. It is worn as a summer alternative to heavy denim, as it does not weigh down the body.

    If you love denim but certainly cannot wear such a heavy material for the summers, then lightweight chambray is certainly what you need. With a cotton-like feel and denim-like aesthetic, this is what you can wear as a light breezy material in your summer heat months.

    Ending Remarks

    These are the kind of fabrics people generally prefer to use in summers. To transform your wardrobe into the summer essentials and get going in the heat feeling cooler than everyone around, this is your chance.

    With tropical designs and summer lightweight materials, Designs by QueenBee is your next stop. 

    The lightweight summer fabrics and tropical fresh designs will give your wardrobe the much-needed summer feel as you head out with your best foot, all ready for the summer heat. 

    Head over and choose from a wide variety of summer designs from Designs by QueenBee which will certainly not weigh you down in the high temperature of the summer weather.

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